The Girl's Guide to the Apocalypse

— feeling smile

This book exceeded my expectations. I expected it to be cheesy, or just plain terrible, based on the description and some of the reviews I read. Truth is, I enjoyed it. If you're looking for an action packed zombie story, this is not it. There is no quest for a cure, and the majority of the monsters are the people themselves. This is a story about the crumbling of humanity, and the will to survive by any means necessary. I wish they'd gotten a little deeper into the virus, the mutants, or even the weather anomalies. I wouldn't call it humorous, though at times parts were amusing. I kind of felt bad for Verdell, and at one time or another wanted to slap everyone else in the book. This book focuses on the people in times of survival, and it's an enjoyable read if you can get past the missing elements of the typical apocalyptic book.


                                                     Professional Reader