The Clairvoyant's Glasses

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The Clairvoyant's Glasses - Helen Goltz

This story was an enjoyable read. The quality of writing was very good and relatable, I loved that there were pieces of history mentioned throughout the story, it made everything feel more real. The characters had a lot of personality, which is always a plus. The main character (Sophie) started out superficial and greedy and slowly grew to a more respectable person (which I was thankful for, as disliking a main character can ruin the book).

However, I didn't quite understand why Sophie was so quick to forgive and forget that Daniel (pretty much a stranger) used and lied to her, she was barely upset at all. Her parents weren't mentioned much, which left me with questions.

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I excused the predictability of the book, seeing as it's the first book in the series (I have high hopes for this series). Despite a slow and predictable start, I look forward to reading more and learning what happens next!

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